Max and Elaine Appel Invest in Colorado Public Radio's Future

Max and Elaine AppelMax and Elaine Appel first became members of Colorado Public Radio in 1986. About 26 years later, they are still supporting Colorado Public Radio with annual giving. In fact, their most recent donation is supporting Colorado Public Radio to provide an eight-day trip to Italy as a sweepstakes offering during the Fall Pledge Drive, effectively leveraging the value of their original gift.

Max and Elaine also contribute to Colorado Public Radio as Legacy Partners, ensuring that their investment goes beyond day-to-day support.

As Legacy Partners, they have named Colorado Public Radio as a beneficiary in their will. They explain that they're providing "a little insurance policy that others will have at least what we have in a world that is in need of objective news."

In Max's view, a bequest speaks to the social conscience of a community and helps to ensure a better life for our children.

"We are bequeathing well-being for our community," he says.

Max is a fan of "Colorado Matters" and thinks that exploring statewide issues provides the biggest differentiation between Colorado Public Radio and every other news source. "It calls attention on a local level to issues and opportunities that aren't available at a national news level."

"Colorado Public Radio is an honest broker of news and information," Max says. Elaine appreciates the balanced approach that allows listeners to make their own decisions as informed participants in a democratic process.

Max and Elaine believe in leading by example and have modeled a spirit of philanthropy for their four children and seven grandchildren, giving to many community causes, especially in the area of social services. "Doing good makes us feel good," Max says.

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