Meet Our Donors

California foundation supports CPR news

Jacques M. Littlefield (1949-2009) was an unassuming millionaire who amassed the world's largest private collection of tanks and other military vehicles. He eventually established a 501(c)3 non-profit museum to house and display the collection to the public. Read More

Being Connected

Alan Arbuckle and Eric CornejoMaking connections to people, issues and events is a significant reason that longtime Colorado Public Radio member Todd Egan added CPR as a beneficiary in his estate plans, making him a Legacy Partner.
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Your Will Reflects Your Values

Alan Arbuckle and Eric Cornejo"We come from the school of thought that the way you solve problems is through education." Such is the reasoning behind Alan Arbuckle and Eric Cornejo's support of Colorado Public Radio.
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Your Values Live Today and Tomorrow Through a Legacy Gift: Leslie Wilson

Leslie WilsonLeslie Wilson is not your average CPR donor. She was already a member when she made the decision in her late 30s to include Colorado Public Radio in her estate plans, also making her a Legacy Partner.
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Your Values Live Today and Tomorrow Through a Legacy Gift: Gary Burandt

Gary BurandtFor Gary Burandt, making his first gift to Colorado Public Radio was a decision rooted in his core values. "I would feel badly if I was a taker and not a giver," he explains.
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'It Was a No-Brainer'

David and Elizabeth BuddAsk David and Elizabeth Budd of Denver what they value in life and they are quick to list values that you may also share.
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A Wake-up Call

Bill and Sharon ElfenbeinOne day while relaxing and enjoying the stories on "Morning Edition," the Elfenbeins decided to make a personal commitment and name CPR in their estate plans.
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Max and Elaine Appel Invest in Colorado Public Radio

Max and Elaine AppelMax and Elaine Appel first became members of Colorado Public Radio in 1986. About 26 years later, they are still supporting Colorado Public Radio with annual giving.
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Doris Stipech Supports "Insightful" Programming

Doris and her husband, John, moved to Colorado from Washington, D.C., in the late 1960s and were thrilled to find CPR on the dial. For more than 40 years, CPR has made a major impact on Doris's quality of life.
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